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Venice designer. is a professional full-service interior design firm that specializes in medium to large scale projects in a contemporary, original style. What do we mean by full service? 

we accommodate our clients through the design process by brainstorming and introducing concepts and exciting design ideas, then after establishing a concept we produce all necessary construction documentation in order for all the vendors to communicate, followed by selection of materials, and overseeing the project all the way through the completion of the construction . And assisting with styling and furnishing.

The Process:

1. intake meeting- our meet and greet where where we go over your project introducing our company and the assigned the interior designer

2. Team brainstorm- after the meeting our team will get together and come up with a custom plan to suit your project

3. Design development-our team will work on professional drawings and will create a design inspiration board that will specify colors and materials 

4. Client presentation-the design team will have a clear presentation of all the drawings prepared and will review it with the clients for their approval 

5. pricing and bids-receiving bids from the different vendors and tradesmen

6.Supervision-quality control and supervision over all work performed via direct communications with all the vendors working on the project 

When we start a new project, the process begins with our team having a meeting and making sure all of our team is on the same page regarding our clients timelines, budgets and expectations, as well as what are the best products to use and who’s the best vendor to use for this project

In our design process we use a combination of sketching, 3D renderings and material samples to clarify and simplify our design concepts for our clients. 

We present the pricing for all the materials to our clients for their approval so that they have a clear understanding of the project budget.

Then projects move into our procurement stage which is the most important part of any project. What is procurement? It’s the professional way to hire sub contractor and place orders with other professional vendors and companies in a way that is very clear and accurate in order to avoid making costly mistakes, save the client money on labor and materials, and creating a smooth flowing project. We know this is a huge responsibility and we are committed to our clients satisfaction. Our experienced team can handle this process with ease and they save our clients the time and effort involved with a remodeling/construction project.


For residential clients our work falls into 2 categories: 1) construction/renovation design and project supervision.

2)furnishing the home with artwork and furniture.. most of the time its both! our design team is very experienced in the construction aspect as well in the decorating aspect of the project, the majority of our projects include some type of renovation. Each project requires that we take a into consideration all of the clients needs and wants as well as, timeline, budget and features that are unique to that specific project. no two projects that are the same and we embrace the challenge each unique project brings.


we are known for working on single family and multi unit projects. This includes multi- family developments in the Los Angeles area as well as new construction and remodeling of single family dwelling projects, we work on with real estate developers to assist them with getting the most rerun from their investment. Our role in these projects is to dictate a direction and create an identity to each project in order to maximize selling potential for the market. we are usually hired on the development projects before they break ground. We typically start with existing plans from an architect and we review them and make necessary changes if we think we can space plan it better, we’ll come up with a low voltage and lighting plan if needed and will specify where to drop ceilings if needed for ducts and plumbing if needed. Then we start the stage of designing all of the bathrooms and coming up with a kitchen design including cabinet layout details, tiles plan, counters and backsplashes. We specify all of the finishes in detail for our development projects and conduct regular jobsite visits. Our previous developments include single family and multi-family projects in Venice, interior design in Malibu, Santa Monica, pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Silverlake Studio City, and Sherman oaks just to name a few.

We have been transforming houses since 2008, and started working on interior design in Venice since 2009, we are passionate about our work and we take great pride in delivering new exciting designs to each and every one of our clients  


We service homeowners and builders

we offer discounts to large volume builders, veterans and senior citizens 


we will save you money!

Our team of experienced designers are ready to start working on your new project. we can help you find the finished materials and the contractors you want for the right price! 

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