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Layout-The most important element of the design process is the planning stage, we will work with you to create a design and floor plan in order to insure we maximize the space and provide you with an amazing result, our planning services includes plumbing and electrical plans well as low voltage/smart system layout such as crestron and control4 when applicable 

vendors/subcontractors screening-our team has a vest network of experienced/fair sub contractors and finished material vendors for any trade and will help you with scheduling and syncing the difference service provider. This part of our service will save you money and time 

quality control-we will perform regularly on site meeting with all the working crews and would only accept top quality workmanship  to insure that the design the owner agreed to would be implemented in full 

finish material selections- we would come up with a concept for your project and will help you choose the matching materials for a complete, coherent and absolutely gorgeous design. Our selection expertise is in:
wood and tile floors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities,counter tops, backsplash plumbing and electric finishes, walk in closets, paint colors,accent material, windows/doors,moldings and trims,decking mateial,landscape/hardscape, appliances High end Interior design in Malibu High end Interior design in Venice

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