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What is a smart home?

a smart home is a home equipped with smart automated systems such as Crestron, control4 and elan which can remotely control your lights, AC, sounds system, security syste, alarm, appliances, pool heater, garage door and any other device that connects to wifi

using your phone, for example you can remotely turn off the light you forgot in the bathroom from work, or turn on the spa heater on your way home. you can control the climate  

in your house from everywhere and you can turn on  and off the sound in the house without leaving the sofa.

with a smart home system you’ll get full control over your house from anywhere in the world 

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Lighting control

did you ever forgot one of the lights on at your house while you were away on a vacation?

do you want to turn on the patio lights without having to go out to your yard?

now you can control the lights in your house from your phone or tablet! 

Home automation is changing the way we use our home lightning, it’s time to move forward to the 21st century 

Sound control

Be the master of your domain with complete sound control you can stream different music in different rooms, choose on which device you want to stream in which area of your house, 

you can quietly steam classic music in the kitchen area while bumping rock music out by the pool. We use only top brands for our amplifiers and speakers like Yamaha, Denon, Bose and Sonos. 

Security systems

The alarm, video doorbell, wired and wireless camera systems all work seamlessly on the smart System to provide maximum safety and protection. 

Pool automation

With pool automation you can control your pool from your phone or tablet, you can turn the spa or pool heater, you can turn the spa jets on or off you can turn the pool pump on or off and you check check the temperature of the water without having to go to the pool and touching the water. you can stop asking your husband or wife to turn on the spa heater when you are on your way from work

Smart home Video

Check out this completely automated voice controlled smart home 

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