Ready to assemble cabinets

RTA cabinets

What are RTA cabinets 

Ready to assemble cabinets or RTA cabinets changed the way we think about kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations and 

are now the most popular kitchen and bathroom cabinets in America

RTA cabinets are cabinets that comes 

Premade from a factory and therefore are 

Usually in stock. There are many different RTA cabinets including IKEA and Chinese 

Suppliers online, not all RTA cabinets were created equal some have better material 

and finishes then others, 10 years ago when RTA cabinets started selling in America they were low quality made from cheap materials and low craftsmanship and were basically a low end replacement for custom cabinets 

but not anymore, the RTA manufacturers has evolved throughout the years and are now offering the same or in some cases better products then custom cabinets with top of the line hardware and finishes offers only the best 

Quality materials for RTA cabinets

Since 2007 we are direct distributors of imported RTA cabinets and of American made RTA cabinets 

RTA cabinets Pros and cons:


High quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets for much less then custom cabinets

Timing: most RTA cabinets are in stock 

Are in stock and can be delivered within

a week or less 

Replacement parts: because RTA cabinets are prefabricate, it would be much faster to get a replacement part if one of the cabinet doors/drawers/moldings gets damaged you could probably get a replacement part much quicker and cheaper then getting a replacement door from a cabinet maker 


Selection: for RTA cabinets what you see is what you get, while in custom cabinets you can get any finish you can dream of with any style your want, you can get glossy cabinets or flat cabinets. You can get as creative as you want with the design of the cabinets while with RTA you would have to go with whatever is available.

Customization: unlike custom cabinets, the cabinet sizes would always be standard and will be very limited in making custom cabinets (for example a 26” cabinet or 100” high pantry), wall base and pantry cabinets width  

Would always be dividable by increments of 3 (9”,12”,18” etc) and the height would always be 30”,36”,42” for wall cabinets and 84”,90”,96” for floor to ceiling cabinet (pantry)

we are direct distributors of over 20 cabinet importers in CA and we 

Offer the largest selection of RTA cabinets to choose from as we want to insure that our clients always find what they are looking for check out our RTA cabinet selection 


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